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Vehicle Road Tax Alert Module

Compliance Module

Compliance Module

We are introducing the lorry permit alert module to our reader.  Running a lorry transport business is challenging job, no doubt customer is demanding and more regulation to comply.  Lorry TM setting up a management tools for all lorry transport owner to run their business in systematic and digitize way.

There are several basic regulations from government for transportation owner to comply.  Those regulations are well managed by various permits.  Transportation owner has to renew those relevant permits to ensure they are qualified in the logistic business.

What are the Basic Permits Needed?

In order to run a transportation business, the company owner has to obtain the below permits:

  • Vehicle Road Tax
  • Vehicle Compliance Permit (PUSPACOM Permit)
  • Vehicle Permit
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Goods In-transit Insurance (Optional)

Above permit are control by various government department, so transportation owner has to be familiar the department involve.

The Expire Date for Various Permit

All permits have difference expiry date, perhaps there are relation with each permit.  This means user has to apply permit with sequential manner.  This has created new challenge to Transportation Owner whereby they have to renew the lorry permit on time.

Before Lorry TM System launched, most of the transport company listed a table to indicate individual vehicle permit expiry date.  The system is pretty manual and miss out is common phenomenon in renewing permit.

How Lorry TM Helps in Manage Various Permit Expiry?

Compliance Module Report Printing

Compliance Module Report Printing

In Lorry TM System, we have a comprehensive module which allows Vehicle Company to manage their permit expiry date.  We name it as Lorry Permit Alert Module.  The system will list out the vehicle permits that going to expire in coming days.  Once the Transport Owner receives the alert vehicle list, he could proceed to permit renewal with his own pace.

There are several features in Permit Alert Module which makes the module stand out.

  • Access the Permit info at anyway, any place as long as you have internet connected. Transport Owner could monitor the permit renewal status within their finger print even though they are abroad.
  • Alert System alarm in advance. We understand various permit requires difference work procedure.  For instance a Vehicle Permit may takes 4-6weeks process time whereby issuing a Vehicle Road Tax could be done within a day.
  • Dashboard Presentation. A colourful dashboard organizes scatter information in presentable manner.  All permit alert information shall be presented in a colourful manner that Transport Owner has no excuse for neglecting.
  • Printable List. User could print upcoming alert list in advance so that it could perform permit renewal job accordingly.

Lorry TM System is remarkable software cover most aspect for transport business management job.  Lorry Permit Alert Module is one of the module which could convert the current manual job into digitize operation.  Furthermore, we are giving our reader to use this module at our cost.

Please call us or write to us if you are interest in our Lorry TM System.